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  • Hey all, I’m hoping to get my blog publicity very soon that may result in over 100 page views a day (hopefully more but we’ll see). I have maybe 40 or so images on my homepage all 20-100kb but I’m looking to transfer them out so that I don’t get hit on my bandwidth. How would you recommend that I host these images? or a hosting service or something like Flickr?

    Any ideas on speed of the different services? I am looking for some security as well as far as accessing the image database so I think Flickr is out (though I’m not familiar enough with it to say for sure if that can’t be resolved).

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  • Ehh, I am not sure what you mean image security, my suggest would be hosting the images on your own site, reducing the load time of the page, if not, go with Flickr.

    Thanks for the reply, haochi. I wish I had a better hosting plan but I’m just starting out so it is a very basic plan, so I really don’t know that hosting images on my site will help speed.

    Lorelle on WordPress puts it this way: “A server can only handle a certain number of requests at a given time, so trimming down the number of items or off-loading content to a second server can dramatically improve performance. For example, if you are going to have a post with several images embedded in it, consider uploading those to an image sharing site like Flickr and then embedding them in your page. That way, when visitors come to your site the images are being served up by Flickr’s giant servers which can easily withstand the load.”

    Also, I’m uploading the wp-super-cache plug-in as well now. Glad I learned about that one!

    I think I understand what you’re saying now.

    I tried hosting the links externally on both and Flickr. What happened was that the image file increased about 2.7x the size it was when hosted from my directory.

    So it’s really a balance between whether you’re looking for loading speed or looking to protect bandwidth.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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