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    Hi all, take a look at my blog and my problem will be immediatly obvious.

    I’ve been using the Image Headline plugin with no problems for months and months but now suddenly it’s gone crazy. If someone could help me with this I’d be eternally grateful.

    Thanks, Crin.

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  • Sounds like a permission problem on the image directory. Check those permissions for your cached images and on your cache folder.

    Erm… nope.

    Although I did just notice that in the settings it was pointing to the folders on my old server. I moved my blog a few months back and left all the files in place on the old server “just in case”

    Now i’ve tried to enter the paths for the folder locations on my new blog it’s ALL stopped working.

    I have the Image Cache folder as…


    and the Image Cache URL as…

    yet still it’s not working. Help!

    Crin. 🙂

    Anyone??? I realy don’t get why this isn’t working…

    With the strings I posted above I’m getting this in the options admin screen for the plugin….

    FATAL: The directory you specified to cache the image files did not exist and I could not create it. Either create it for me or select a different directory.

    FATAL: The directory you specified to cache the image files is not writeable from the Apache task. Either select a different directory or make the directory you specified writable by the Apache task (chmod 755 the directory).

    The directory IS there and IS cdmod 777 (I also tried 755)

    There’s nothing I can suggest aside from double-checking everything. The plugin isn’t lying… the PHP functions failed the is_writeable() check on the given directory, failed a mkdir() of that directory and failed another is_writeable(). If PHP can’t access the directory neither can the plugin. Try a different directory as a test.

    I really don’t get it then… I guess I’ll have to stop using the plugin for now until I can work out what’s going on. Thanks Coldforged, it’s an excellent plugin, no doubt it’s some daft error on my part.


    I had the image cache folder set to…


    it should have been…


    The good news? This plugin is still as excellent as I thought!

    The bad news? I’m an idiot.

    *wanders off*

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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