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  • Here’s a problem that’s been around for a long time, and never seems to get solved. I have a book review web site, and I want to drop in an image, right-justified, and allow text to flow around the image.

    I upload the image using the tools provided…selecting full-size and right justification. But it NEVER works right. I have to yank out the HTML and throw it into Dreamweaver to fix it every time. You finally seemed to get the image uploading issues solved with 2.7, but the justification is still munged up.

    And in the new 2.7, the text editing field is really lame. Despite my 1440×900 screen, when editing theme templates, the edit window gets jammed way down at the bottom of the page. OR, it’s too wide to be displayed at all and just bleeds over into the page names on the right…and can’t be properly scrolled or navigated through. Hard to believe this got past beta.

    I LOVE WordPress. I hope you can get some of these issues cleaned up with the next release.

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