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    Hi.. Im running WP 2.2.1 on my site. None of the image gallery plugins which use javascript seem to work – I’ve tried Highslide, Nextgen gallery, thumbnail viewer, inline gallery, galleria, mbox.. so Im pretty sure that there’s seomthing seriously wrong with executing javascript. I install them, activate, their quicktags are displayed – but the galleries dont work. I tried with and without the editor enabled.

    Nextgen after activation doesnt even allow me to create new galleries from the Options/Gallery tab.

    The best case scenario was with thumbnail viewer – the image was displayed in the post, but when you clicked it instead of a lightbox-like effect, clicking the thumbnail just opened the original image in a new window.

    The mbox tags <mbox /> are also constantly changed by my wordpress editor – even though I was only typing in code view. It changes <mbox /> to <mbox></mbox> and nothing gets displayed in the post.

    DM albums also just displays blank posts.

    Im guessing its a javascript problem – but Ive never called a javascript function from a post so dont know what to do.

    Other plugins i have installed (just to know if any are interefering) are – WP-ContactForm, WordPressDatabaseBackup, TinyMCEAdvanced, ThumbnailViewer, StaticFrontPage, SidebarTile, SearchEverything, Menubar, Mbox, KimiliFlashEmbed, EmbedIt, InlineJavascriptPlugin, FoldingPagesWidget, EmailObfuscator, DMAlbums, AYBJavascriptinPosts, CategoryVisibility-RHRev.
    Also, jquery is installed in the head of my site (jquery-1.2.6.js)
    Also, I dont know the use of a ‘js’ folder in wordpress/includes which has other folders like crop, jquery, tinymce, scriptaculous – could any of these be the problem?

    I need a simple inline gallery which shows thumbnails below/above/at the side which, when clicked, open the larder image on the same page preferably, but I’ll settle for a lightbox effect.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.. thanks..

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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