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  • Hi, I have recently built a WP powered site containing product news and reviews. Each product review is a single post, and can contain several images.

    I’m looking for a Image Gallery plugin that can satisfy some criteria:


    • Writer must be able to relate specific images to a specific product/post (either by auto-creating a special prefix to each image that is uploaded in the post, determined by the post title, or by auto-creating an image folder for each post); writer should also be able to relate other images that don’t appear in the post to that post.
    • Able to create a gallery for each post, with a simple url, like ‘’.
    • Able to create thumbnails for the image gallery (I don’t need any special themes, just a simple container with all the thumbnails of the images related to that post).
    • XHTML compliant.


    • Able to create a ‘preview’ gallery of 4-5 thumbnails, that can be situated in the actual post (with a link to the full gallery).
    • Image cache control.
    • Able to create several types of thumbnails (e.g. 400×300, 150×100, used defined), so the admin can use them for other purposes.

    An example that I had in mind consists of . Their writers upload specific pictures when writing each post. They are somehow related to the article, and a gallery is created to the post/images.html url, with thumbnails of AxB size.

    The same images are then used with a specific CxD size on the article (post) page, and then used with a ExF size on the homepage of the site (where the latest articles appear).

    Any suggestions would be useful. Thanks!

    P.S. My hosting has both GD and ImageMagick.

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  • did you look at the forum section titles before posting this here.. under “Your WordPress: Strut your stuff”???????

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