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  • I have been continually frustrated by available image gallery options in WordPress. The NextGen Gallery slideshow does not allow you to size the width of the captions so unless you have the slideshow big enough, the controls go off screen. The other gallery options are too flashy. I just want a simple, clean image viewer with captions.

    I finally found something that may work, its called SoundslidesPlus, but you have to purchase it and its in Flash.

    Is there really no HTML5 alternative? Does anyone have experience using SoundslidesPlus? It looks like there’s a plugin to help manage it, but there isn’t much feedback/info on it.

    Any suggestions/feedback would be much appreciated!

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  • Sounds like you need something like lightbox, thickbox or fancybox. First I think are built into Nextgen if I remember right. I am not looking at my site to confirm. I personally run a custom Fancybox2 plugin I toss together based on the Fancybox2 framework.

    span, thanks for the suggestions. I’ve already tried all those with the NextGen Gallery, but they are still a little too much. I don’t want anything that pops open a new window. I just want it in frame with a forward and back arrow, caption, etc. I wonder if one can code something simple like this themselves in html5?

    That’s exactly what they are. If they are popping open a new window you have conflicts going on. Check out my site and tell me if that’s what you want. I also have the plugin I tossed together now on the repository.

    span, thanks again for the feedback. i don’t like how when you click on an image, another larger image opens up and then you scroll from there. I ended up purchasing SoundSlide Plus, which pretty much is what I was looking for, I was just hoping to have a little more flexibility, check out the slideshow here if you want. Thanks for all the feeback though, appreciate it!

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