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  • MasterAbbott


    Hey all,

    Have a fairly simple question, I wanted to know if its possible to have images that are in the standard Gallery open up in a new tab/window once they are clicked on.

    normally once u setup a gallery it will show this

    [gallery link="file"]

    All images appear fine and there are no issues. but when you click on the images in the gallery they take you away from the post and load up the image.

    What i’d love to know is there some sort of setting that will allow open images from a gallery in a new tab or window.

    take a look at the article below that shows the image gallery at the bottom, if you click on any of the images they will take you away from the article and load up the image. I would like if possible to have the image load up in a new tab.

    Any sort of assistance and suggestions on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

    Please note. I don’t want to use any plugins such as other 3rd party image galleries like NextGen etc to get this done, we would like to stick with the standard that is with wordpress.

    Thanks for any assistance ahead of time.

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  • AuntWeb


    easy! when putting each image into your post, edit the advanced settings and add target=”_blank”

    Marvel Labs


    you can also use a plugin to effectively manage your images nextgen gallery.

    and the method AuntWeb has specified is great and simple 🙂



    Guys .. i dont think u understand the question im asking. I’ll re-explain it.

    For example .. you uploaded 10 images into an article you can of course insert one into the post and yes you can set that up to open in a new window thats not the problem.

    The question i asked is that when you upload 10 pics into an article you have the option to create a image gallery at the bottom of the article as show in the example explained in my original post.

    here is the article with the gallery at the bottom

    Now these images are part of a gallery. when you click on these pictures i need them to open in a new tab.

    When you use the gallery setting it doesnt give the option to open the pics in a new tab or window. this is what i need to know how to do. if it possible to do..??

    Also we dont want to use next gen or use any other plugins. we just want to know how to make images that are part of the gallery open in a new tab.

    hope this clears up the question once again.



    Looks like your theme is from Elegant Themes — so you’ll need to contact them for help as commercial themes are not supported here.

    BTW, the theme is using Next Gen plug-in for the galleries.



    The gallery setting we are using is the standard WordPress settings, it’s not using Next Gen settings.

    When you click on insert image, and you upload over 2-3 images you have the option to insert a gallery at the bottom of the post. this is the setting i am talking about. it has nothing to do with theme or any plugin.

    CPC Mike


    This plugin does exactly what you are asking for. You can still use your current gallery. I’m not sure what your intention is but I generally prefer using a colorbox/lightbox window to open the gallery instead of a new tab.



    I have checked here:

    It appears the gallery shortcode does not have a way to control target of the image links. You may be able to hard code it in using this method:

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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