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  • is there a plugin for an image gallery for a WP blog but where a random pic can be shown on the sidebar? I want to show my pictures on my blog (not specifically in posts) but I also want a thumbnail shown on my sidebar as a link to the gallery. Am i bieng confusing? Is this possible?

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  • I did something similar : have a look at my site : – is this what you want??

    That looks really great, what plugins did you use to get that?

    I used the random_exerpt plugin

    And my excerpt contains the thumbnail version of my post. Rather easy to implement

    Remark: I also had to use the Disable WPAUTOP plugin (only for the excerpt)

    Hi Eric,

    I’ve created a plugin that takes a random entry from inserted entries (for quotes, pictures, links, etc) – I use if for a random-image rotator.

    The plugin is downloadable from


    Nice work Anders!
    But in this case, Eric needs to put his thumbnails in the content, and I don’t think this is what he wants.

    Oh wow what a load of replies! Thanks to both Razzi and Anders for the help. While both plugins look great I a bit confused on to how they can be implemented in the fasion I’m looking for. I would preferably like to have an actual image gallery on my blog site. Wiht this gallery I’d like to show a random image on my sidebar. Can either of these plugins do that? To see my website to get the gist of how things work click my name 🙂

    Hi Eric,

    Well, I’ve been considering using it for something like that – but my plugin relies on that YOU enter the addresses to the images first. That’s the disadvantage in this case I guess, but the advantage in other cases as it can then both serve random images and other random stuff to your site.

    But to answer your question – yes, it can – if you feed it with the links to the images yourself… Whether or not the other plugin can do that for you, I have no idea… 😉

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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