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  • Hi group,

    I’ve toyed a bit with WP1.2 and now installed 1.5 – I won’t look back, that’s for sure!

    Anyway, I’ve got approx. 3.000 images taken with mobile phones and digital cameras. I’d like to integrate those images/albums into WP1.5 somehow – it needs to show multiple thumbnails, give the possibility to move to (->next) and (<-prev) image and a bit more – nothing fancy.

    What do you guys use? Are there any plugins available? Or should I integrate it otherwise, and create a seperate page for it?

    Thanks in advance,

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  • Yeah, replying to my own post *doh*

    Anyway – the ability to have downsized images for the front page (ex. 640*480) and a (original picture) link for original size(ex 2400*1800) would also be in the very-nice-to-have-department…


    Have you tried

    Hmm – no I haven’t, but it looks nice. Thanks!
    Small and easy to setup – I’ll give it a try when I’m at the machine again…

    But what about easy-to-integrate-into-WordPress-as-a-module galleries? Aren’t there any of these?

    You should also have a look at PictPress ( But be shure to grab a recent version from cvs/svn-repository! It works great for me and integrates completly with WP.

    But what about easy-to-integrate-into-WordPress-as-a-module galleries?

    Try Exhibit – one of the plugins available at:

    It would be nice to integrate the Singapore photo gallery into WordPress. It is really easy. I have already hacked it for version 1.2.2 but it was not the right way of integration because I had to integrate WordPress into Singapore.

    I am sure the latest version should be easy to integrate and furthermore some other CMS ( it already did!

    i would suggest using coppermine

    VERY powerful. EASY to install, maintain. not worht putting all your images into wordpress and something happen to wordpress. besides, coppermine is greatly organized.

    also, copperminefetch is a great tool that will pick as many random images or certain ones from your coppermine gallery to be displayed on any php page, including wordpress.

    plus, in the future, is you ever decide to leave WordPress (heathen! LOL) you will still have coppermine on your website.

    i dont know if you should listen to someone with a rotted brain…
    what if coppermine crashes, then you loose all your photos as you would if wp crashed (does it happen often or at all?)

    I downloaded Exhibit but it doesnt say it works with 1.5 ??

    We really need a proper photo system for WordPress. All the ones I have tried are missing features, got broken in 1.5, integrate poorly, or just plain don’t fit in nicely with the rest of WordPress.

    We need a system that is as clean and compact as WordPress itself is; something written from scratch that is designed to be used with WordPress, and not an attempt to merge an existing gallery program.

    I might sound a little harsh, and I appreciate a lot of plugin authors have put in a lot of hard work, but there are too many image / gallery plugins for WordPress that don’t make much sense at all.

    It’d be fantastic if the WordPress team could come up with an official solution; there are so many people including myself who want a nice way of putting photos on their WordPress-powered sites.

    Personally, I’d want to put images in my posts as thumbnails, while having them organised in a browsable gallery at the same time, i.e., you have a set of little thumbnails in your post that you could click on, then be taken to a full size version. And I’d want those friendly URLs to be applied aswell. For instance, “/images/albumname/imagename”.

    You could also have a tab on the admin panel to organise your albums and images.

    Something properly integrated like this would be truly awesome. How about it, guys? I’ve been waiting for something like this for ages. I know it’d be a huge task – but please consider it, if you’re reading.


    I integraded IPAP flawlessly with WordPress. To manage the photos / gallery you have to use IPAP’s administration screen, but the visitors see a perfectly integrated WordPress site with Gallery.

    I’m not sure if this is the kind of thing you guys are looking for because I haven’t tried any other plugins (not sure if anybody’s done this). If it is, I’d love to share it.

    You can see the site at and click on Photo Albums > Luna on the right to see how the photo gallery integrates.


    Nice! That’s almost exactly what I’m looking for! I’ve been struggling with trying to integrate MiniGal for days now. I love MiniGal’s interface and simplicity, but I’d pay good money for an easy integration solution.

    It looks like iPAP has all of the features I want and none of the ones I don’t… cool. I’ll install it and play around with it tomorrow (don’t have time tonight). I’d love to read any info you’re willing to share about how you got it to play nice with WP.

    Thanks, alexkreuz!

    alexkreuz and MiddleKid,

    Now you’ve integrated (right, MiddleKid? :)), is there any do’s and dont’s you wanna share with the rest of us?
    If you’re integrating it anyway, you could perhaps write a
    a) …
    b) …
    x) done!

    , thing? Would be very nice…

    Well, first I guess choose a package that is as small as possible. Using coppermine or gallery with the simple intention of integrating with wordpress is overkill.

    Second, try to keep the code changes to wordpress to a minimum. All I added to my theme’s index.php page is “if ($_GET[‘photos’]) { include ipap stuff; } else { do the regular wordpress stuff }”

    something along those lines …

    IPAP is really nice because you can customize it really easily, move stuff around (for example I wanted the thumbnails below the main image), and so forth …

    the one thing i dont like about IPAP is that it uses a text database instead of mysql … if i manually have to change something, its kind of difficult because it uses some weird semicolon delimitation … im going to see about modifying IPAP and having it use MySQL instead … oh well …

    I’ll release all my wordpress / ipap stuff this weekend … it’ll basically be the default kubrik theme with ipap integrated … then you guys can see from the source what ive done ..

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