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  • Hi.
    How can I change the border color of my page pics

    I am using a child theme.

    In admin when I select a page pic “Edit Picture” and then “advanced settings” the border color has a default of:- border: 10px solid black;

    I can change to any solid color -Red-Blue-Green etc but what I want is #F9F8EE which appears to be the background color for my right hand widget area.

    When I try:-
    border: 10px #F9F8EE; or
    border-color: 10px #F9F8EE;

    the border disappears completely.

    Advice would be welcome.

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  • Looks like you fixed it? Although the borders are all #f8f3dd and not #f9f8ee.

    I hope you didn’t go in and enter all of those inline styles by hand. You could have targeted a CSS rule with a selector like .entry-content h4 a img.

    I am not sure how to use your css in my child theme style.css
    Where do I define the color.

    yes to fixing it by hand on all pics AND only after “Edit Picture” and then “advanced settings” and putting #f9f (3 digits only) it gave me purpleis border. it then allowed me to enter the full #f9f8ee

    You would add this to the end of your child theme’s style.css file:

    .entry-content h4 a img {
        border: 10px solid #f9f8ee;

    Unfortunately, now that you’ve added the style inline, it will be impossible to override unless you add the !important clause (which you should try to avoid). Why don’t you start off by taking the inline style off of one picture and seeing if the above CSS rule affects it the way you want it to? If it does, then you can take the styling off of the rest of the images.

    Thank you.

    I see your correct fix places a border on all pics.
    I entered the following in my styles.css

    /* start of picture border alteration-change single pics border color in admin editor may need to enter 3 code color at first */
    .entry-content h4 a img {
    border: 10px solid #f9f8ee;
    /* end of picture border alteration */

    I deleted border on pic 1 (blackJack)and used #ff0033 at 20px to test out your procedure and it worked.

    I also tested border: none; to remove border from a selected pic and that worked.

    Thank you for your help I very much appreciate it.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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