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  • Hi, I’m putting together a blog that is meant to incorporate private family & friends topics, as well as topics that are available to internet friends, and the net as a whole.

    Right now, I have things set up so that I can moderate registration, and I have a couple of plug-ins (Cat-Vis and Role Manager) that will let me restrict posts to user levels by their categories, and it all appears to work.

    But I’d also like to include image galleries that I can categorize and restrict by user level, the same as I have with posts.

    This is especially important when the baby comes next spring! I don’t want those galleries available to the net as a whole, but I’d like to be able to easily share them with an increasingly widespread family.

    Is there an image gallery plugin that will do this?

    Because I’m not too hot at coding, I’m using Canvas to put the site presentation together. I’d prefer a plugin that has a Canvas block, but I could probably scavenge one together if necessary.

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  • Is there an image gallery plugin that will do this?

    Umm, what gallery are using to begin with? Also, I’m not sure of any at the moment, you might have to ask this, on whatever gallery you’re using, support page perhaps?


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