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  • I recently moved a blog using galleries in posts from one server (where it was running version 3.2 and template 2010) to a server where I could run 3.5 and template 2012. Since I had just successfully transferred a similar blog which used regular images instead of galleries, I was surprised to find that the galleries didn’t import with the posts, even though I checked “attach media.”

    I’d really love to preserve the date and caption information for the galleries, plus save myself the labor of importing the images manually – what can I try to reconnect my galleries and posts. Re-import? Move the entire database? Or is there another solution?

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  • The best approach at this is to fully export (then import to new db @ new host) the db and use ftp to download all site files (all) and adjust for new host (which typically requires only an updated wp-config.php file and (depending on server env) perhaps a proper php.ini file…review these topics here on the codex…a few tweaks may be required but this moves the (full) db and (all) files to a new host…

    This was very helpful – thank you! I have one more question: I have two recent posts with galleries included that were added to the database behind the scenes before the transfer – the images are not showing up in the galleries, though the galleries exist in the blog.

    1. The post numbers and image numbers are correctly associated in the SQL table entries.
    2. The images exist on the server and I can see them when I visit the URL listed in the Media Library.
    3. In the media library, they are showing up as “0 kb”.

    Something needs tweaking, but I’m not sure what it is – re-uploading the images doesn’t seem to be the answer. Thanks for any help!

    These images are most likely added using a direct URL and not PHP (such as a template file in WP asking your DB what the home URL or path is)

    This happens most often with older, poorly written, generally non-conforming plugins/themes.

    View your source code and verify what the ‘actual’ URL being loaded in HTML is…then…

    Find: what is creating this content on your dynamic site (typically these are embedded as full url’s in posts and pages – which, can be edited, or even better review this topic here on the codex and replace all old url’s at once – caution: always backup first)…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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