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  1. Kat
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi there,

    Recently I tried out the default gallery feature in wordpress. (For example purposes I will use fake names) I created a gallery of about 30 photos to "Concert" page, with no parent for that page.

    Result: http://www.domain.com/concert

    Then I published it however, I realized I need to have that page name changed to "The Concert Tour" and also have it under two parent pages.

    Result: http://www.domain.com/media/gallery/the-concert-tour

    This worked fine. However, in the gallery settings, I had it so when you clicked the image it would link to an attachment page. So when I clicked on the image in the gallery, the permalink was:


    I also have breadcrumbs so when I clicked on "Concert" in the breadcrumb, obviously it went to a "page not found" since I changed the name and the permalink structure for the page.

    So this is my problem, the image on the attachment page has the wrong permalink structure and I would like to know how to update all 30 or so of the photos I added to the gallery.

    I did try updating the permalink structure in "settings" but that didn't change anything.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks ahead of time!

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