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    Hy there to all. I’m new to this script and i have a small problem. I’m searching for an plugin that can autoformat my images like this:
    -i will like to have on my main page an 100x100px image and in my articles the original resolution. (different for all the images).

    I will like to know if there is a plugin that can make something like this for me automatically – the only thing that remains to do by my self to be adding the img.


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  • thats a cool idea but I havent seen any plugins that can do that.

    Right now i’m using ImageManager…. this script creates the thumbnails, but i dont know how to add them directly to my page… any help….

    Seems like an if condition would accomplish this.
    if index.php <thumbnailimage>
    else <full image>

    and can u give me an example of something like this – code page, plugin, etc…

    Maybe an ideea for an nice plugin….. something like this can solve the problem.

    A plugin that creates a custom field for all the posts in the blog. In the field you will have only to insert the image name (ex: myphoto.jpg). If you are viewing the main page, then the script will display the thumbnail (thumbmyphoto.jpg) and in the single page – the post whit the real img.

    If a post will not contain an image, the code will be remove…

    just an ideea … i don’t know how to do this, maybe there is something similar to my ideea, or someone will like to create one.

    double post – delete this one

    and can u give me an example of something like this – code page, plugin, etc…

    I don’t actually know how to do it. I’ve just see it used in themes…you know “if this is the main page then show calendar” kind of thing. This would be a cool plugin.

    any ideea anyone? tnq

    Problem solved just like i wanted to. If someone is interested how i made it … ask… right now i’m happy…

    OK, How?

    Its a little bit complicated. I have installed 3 plugins for doing this one: ImageManager, rc:custom_field_gui and Get Custom Field Values… u can found them in the plugin codex section.

    Whit the first one… ImageManager … i’m uploading the image from my computer in an /images/ directory and auto creating the thumbnails in /images/thumb/ directory.

    After that i have installd rc:custom_field_gui and addet a simple custom field to all the posts:

    type = textfield

    Them the 3’rd plugin, Get Custom Field Values, addet the code to the loop of my pages (index.php and single.php)

    For the thumb in index.php i have add:

    <?php echo c2c_get_custom(‘Images’, ‘<img alt=”images” class=”images” src=”path/to/my/direcoty/images/thumb/’, ‘.jpg” />’, ”); ?>

    And for the original format image in single.php:

    <?php echo c2c_get_custom(‘Images’, ‘<img alt=”images” class=”images” src=”path/to/my/direcoty/images/’, ‘.jpg” />’, ”); ?>

    any questions?

    Can we see it in action?

    not yet… the template is not over… it will be an extreme looping of the blog…

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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