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    Hi I am making my first theme for wordpress and i have a question that the answer could decide wether i complete this or not. In the sidebar there is “Pages, Categories, Links etc and i need to know can i make it so there is like an image for each of them? Like say a box which contains pages and another for links?

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  • Just an image above or beside them, or is this to be a background image?

    The former simply involves using the img tag to place the images in the page (sidebar.php template, if your theme has one). The latter requires each *section* is in a div or other HTML element that is assigned a unique id, and then providing a background-image property to each id in your theme’s stylesheet.

    If each box is going to be the same, you could simply add <div class=”box”>, and then as Kaf says, in your style sheet you’d have .box {background-img: url(image.jpg)}

    i am so freakin frustrated ugh. Could you please give me the exact way to enter the code into css. i have no idea and am tired of guessing.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven
    That should help – there is a link to the css.

    The link for the tamba2 site doesn’t show up in IE-based browsers (at least not right now for me) but it does show up using Firefox.

    UPDATE: It’s showing now, but if there’s any trouble seeing it, I guess switching over to using Firefox would work.

    i think i am dumb blinda and maybe stupid but i dont get it lol help
    i enter the .box info you gave me above np but it dont do nothing so i wondering am i supposed to insert it in a certain place for it to work in sidebar and what i need type to be exact.

    sorry i no get it

    Mark (podz)


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    jafer – I just looked in IE6 and it’s there – which version do you have ?

    I’m using Avant Browser actually, which is IE-based, but I also have IE6. It is showing up now though. Was getting the error page – not available.

    For each instance you want the box to show up, for instance where your links are you would begin with <div class=”box”>then the code for your links list, then </div>

    In your CSS, you would have
    .box {
    background-img: url(theactual path to your image.image exention, ie, box.jpg);
    So for each instance you would have the <div class=”box”> but only one instance on your style sheet.

    Thanks so much miklb

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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