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  • Searched in the forum but I couldn’t find an answer for my perhaps silly question. I use WP for several months and there are many images in the image folder. I thought it would be useful to sort the images in folders, by year for example. When I change the location now from images to images_2004 will WP still find the images for the older entries? Or can I use several folders at the same time?

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  • I think you’d have to edit all the previous posts to reflect if you move the images. If you’re continuously using pictures on a regular basis, perhaps you should consider Gallery? I think that’s what Matt uses.
    – Bryan

    You will have to go back and edit the posts to link to the new image locations. I anticipated just such a “problem” so I create new subdirectories as I go.

    Thinking it through further, I don’t post images too often so I’m probably going to do the same thing so things don’t get out of control. Thanks for pointing it out!
    In the ACP, under Options > Miscellaneous, just add the directory and change the path for the first two fields so you upload to the current year. It’ll make it easier to differentiate, I’m sure. (Watch, I’ll finally figure out how to “integrate” Gallery into WP, then totally dump this.)

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I was wondering about this too …
    All my images have an absolute url, and this is determined on upload when wp gives me the code. Surely that info is actually part of the entry ?
    So come 2005, when I start a new image directory, surely it shouldn’t matter ?
    Then again, I could go play with stuff and find out couldn’t I ? 🙂

    You both got it…it’ll work fine leaving the previous posts untouched. (By the way, anonymous, check this out.) 😉

    A lot of answers, and helpful too. And you are right, Bryan: Registration is a good thing. Now I took the time for that.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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