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  • Hello,

    In product archive page, where there are a lot of products listed, after page change (pagination), the image flip effect doesn’t work.

    Any idea or solution about this?

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  • I resolved this. If you want contact me for your fix!

    Hi ntoum, can you plz tell me how did you resolved that issue

    Hello, the problem appears when your in archive page, with pagination. When you click to another page (and ajax runs), then the images doesn’t flip.

    My solution is temporary, i am sure there will be a more stable solution for this. The point in my view was to run again the javascript code when a woocommerce pagination button is click.

    I uses the code bellow:
    jQuery( ‘.woocommerce-pagination’ ).live(‘click’, function(){
    // console.log(“Triggered clicked”);
    setTimeout(flipimage, 3500);

    function flipimage(){
    // console.log(“Runed after timeout”);
    jQuery( ‘ul.products li.pif-has-gallery a:first-child’ ).hover( function() {
    jQuery( this ).children( ‘.wp-post-image’ ).removeClass( ‘fadeInDown’ ).addClass( ‘animated fadeOutUp’ );
    jQuery( this ).children( ‘.secondary-image’ ).removeClass( ‘fadeOutUp’ ).addClass( ‘animated fadeInDown’ );
    }, function() {
    jQuery( this ).children( ‘.wp-post-image’ ).removeClass( ‘fadeOutUp’ ).addClass( ‘fadeInDown’ );
    jQuery( this ).children( ‘.secondary-image’ ).removeClass( ‘fadeInDown’ ).addClass( ‘fadeOutUp’ );

    The only problem here, is that i had to set a timeout to work. If i could help with a better solution, let me know 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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