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  • Long ago I had a different theme, since then I moved hosting and changed the theme. Some of the old posts lost the pictures. How do restore them?

    Swift google search gave me some hints regarding SQL database link updates, but they don’t fit me, cause I used the same domain name.

    Also, I tried Velvet Blues plugin, at no avail, they also made for the case you change a domain name. My domina name remained the same.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • lisa


    A few things to try:

    are you using any CDN (content delivery network). maybe try disabling that service temporarily

    check in your WP-Content folder to be sure that all of the details match for images on posts and pages. maybe some of the images have lost their “sizes”. be sure there was no change in folder organization for the images which could lead to broken links for image display

    I don’t use CDN. Could you please elaborate how do the second part of your reply?

    I am not that familiar with DB directories.




    Do you use JetPack plugin with Photon activated?

    To Clarify:
    I was not referring to “DB directories” (i.e. tables in your database)
    I was referring to image file uploads in your WP-Content folder — accessible via FTP or in your webhosting vendor’s file manager area.

    Yes, I use Jetpack with Photon activated.

    I’m still not sure how do I check for the “sizes” that might have been lost.




    1-Jetpack Photon is a CDN (aka Jetpack Image CDN)

    2-Based on your replies, it sounds like you might not currently have access to login to the webhosting account that is controlling your files and database for display of your website. If you are unable to get to the files where they are stored, my idea/suggestion for fixing the issue will not be helpful. Is there any way you can get access to login to your webhosting account?

    I actually do have the access. Your assumption is wrong. I simply don’t know where to look further. I need an example, better with pictures.

    @contentiskey I would be happy to continue our dialog. Thank you in advance.



    “I need an example, better with pictures.” we may not use the same tools > images I create may not be helpful for your situation.
    How do you normally access your website folders?
    Using an FTP tool like Filezilla
    Directly in your webhosting account cpanel/file manager area?
    Have you tried disabling JetPack Photo/Image CDN?
    Maybe some of the images are not in the proper folders?
    Maybe some of the images have been deleted?
    Do you have a backup of your website—specifically the WP-Content folder

    1) Directly in Web Hosting Cpanel manager.

    2) I will try.

    3) No to all of those. As I haven’t been moving them around. And no I don’t have a backup from back then. Unfortunately.

    2) I disabled the image speed up. Nothing changed.



    “Directly in Web Hosting Cpanel manager”
    -can you locate the file manager area in webhosting cpanel?
    -can you can you locate the WP-content folder in the file manager?
    -can you can you locate the Uploads folder in the WP-content folder?

    I am not sure how your uploads are organized:
    -can you see folders by year?
    -can you see folders by month?

    The answer is yes to all of these questions. What should I do next?

    @contentiskey what can you suggest now? What should I edit?



    in WP-Content folder:
    do you see folder labeled “2015”
    do you see folder labeled “01” in folder labeled “2015”
    which .jpg files, if any, do you see in the folder labeled “01”?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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