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  • PeterB


    I have sent a support request for the paid plugin about 5 days ago and have not received any response.

    I ran the bulk rename function for about 20% of my dev site (10k post, 15k+ images) and while it renamed the image files, it did not update the img src links – ending up with thousands of broken images. What settings should I have used?
    I could not find any log files as in what was renamed to what. Is there any logging and where can it found?
    Thanks in advance!

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  • Plugin Author Iulia Cazan


    Hi Peter,

    The extension is not replacing the content in your posts, like where you embed images with HTML img tags, it is advised to be used for images exposed programmatically. If you checked the Track Initial File option before you run the bulk update for the first time, you should have in the post meta table the meta _initial_filename for each of the images that were renamed.

    What you could do, is to match the posts that contain the initial filename (you would need some regular expression because you might embed specific image sizes, not the full/original file) and replace the content with the new src for the images.

    I hope this helps.


    @iulia-cazan this would be a very helpful feature to add, alebit challenging.

    @peter_bepe personally, I’ve written a program to replace all my embeds with the full-size image URL and ensure that the wp-image-xxxxxx class was present in the code. That way, WordPress generates the full IMG tag with SRCSET from the most up-to-date meta information and the browser decides which thumbnail to load.

    My program was very specific and I ran it gradually, while fixing things manually, so it’s not something I can share, but that’s the approach I would take.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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