• if you go to iwag.org and look half way down the left side, you will see a custom widget created using toolset. It’s titled “Are you looking for a new companion?” and you will see three broken images there.

    I’ve updated the links to these images in the dashboard section that controls this widget/box.

    Excuse me if I get the terminology wrong. My web designer disappeared and I have some knowledge, but not enough.

    I switched out the image files to new files. The images are in the media files. I deleted the old image files.

    The toolset widget does not seem to be updating the code to the new links. The new links DO appear in the dashboard after saving. But the old image URL’s aren’t being overwritten in the page code and are now appearing as broken images.

    I’m hoping to hear from someone soon. I’m going to have to go in and manually upload images with the old file names. So if you see images that have 2015 in the url versus 2016 — it’s simply because I put them there as a temporary fix.

    Can someone help me resolve this? Thanks!

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  • ****i did go into my server and manually put images with the existing URL back so that people don’t see the broken images.

    But the problem of the widget not updating when I select new photos from the media files is still a problem.

    Plugin Support Beda


    Types does not create Widgets.

    Types creates only Custom Post Types, Taxonomies and Fields.

    You probably use the Toolset Views Plugin, wich provides a Widget (2 of them actually).

    But I can not assist paid Plugin issues here in the types forum.

    You would have to ask us in the Paid Forum here:

    Before you can do that you need to subscribe here:

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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