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  • I have several writers who eMail their posts into our blog – that part works fine. The problem is the image size in the excerpt.

    Our writers will upload an image to Photoshop, then take the code generated by Photoshop and paste it in the email they post to the blog.

    The problem is some of our writers either ‘don’t know how’ or ‘forget to’ reduce the image size creating an enormous image in a tiny excerpt.

    I need some way to reduce the size of the image in the excerpt regardless of where the image is hosted.

    All images on the site need to be no larger than 150×150, even post images, but I can’t seem to make that happen when the image comes from another source.

    Our 20 something spoiled writers will soon expand into 100’s of spoiled dream queen writers and I need to find a fix before that happens.

    Is there anyway to make all images, no matter where the image is hosted, 150 X 150 in the excerpt?

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