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  • Thanks for a great plugin.

    When I use the fade transition option in my frontpage slideshow there appears to be a small imagefile-not-found-icon in the top/left corner. It’s only visible when the transition is occuring and disappeares right after. I have checked it in Chrome, Firefox and IE9 and it’s the same in every browser (though the icon is different).

    Link to page (Danish site)

    I also had a problem with the drag/drop page. Sometimes when I move files to the right column and saves some other images suddenly appears in the columns. Think it could be a problem with the filenames if there are more files with the same name.

    An Example:
    I have two slideshows on two different pages, but one of the images needs to be the same. So I upload two of the same image and assign them to my two slideshows.
    Could that mix up something so that i’m seeing these images appear in the drag/drop columns?

    And a suggestion to future updates: assign an image to more than on slideshow.

    Thanks again for a great plugin.

    I hope to hear from you soon.


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  • Plugin Author CNHK SYSTEMS


    Hi David,

    The image error is due to an error I made in a javascript file. I uploaded a new version that fixes this problem (plus some other bugs or enhancement that I found on the moment). For the drag&drop page, I need more precisions on what exactly happens for make analysis. What are settings for the current slideshow (background? how many slides?), how many slides in the left and the right column at the time you save changes and what you get after.
    All slides you uploaded with this plugin are named programmatically, and files are renamed each time you change slide’s title. Even the same image file uploaded twice will have 2 different names (eg slide1.jpg and slide2.jpg). And if you try to give the same title (and therefore the same filename) to two different slides, you’ll get a warning saying ‘This name is already used’ and no data will be updated (both via ajax or the via the edit link on the ‘slides’ screen).
    Thank you for the suggestion. I’ve already planned to do some heavy changes/enhancements to this plugin and I’ll include the possibility you mentionned. But unfortunately I’m a bit busy for now, and especially for the next two weeks.
    About the drag&drop screen, It will be easier for me to help you if you can post a more accurate description of the problem. I advice you to make the test on a testing environment, not on a live website and try to reproduce the issue many times in order to clearly identify the problem. By doing so, you can deactivate and even delete and re-install the plugin if necessary, without altering a live website.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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