Image Editor not altering post thumbnails (4 posts)

  1. smerriman
    Posted 6 years ago #

    When images are edited via the image editor, standard thumbnails are also edited (unless you choose not to via the options). However, image sizes created for post thumbnails are not generated at all.

    This seems more like a bug than anything else to me; the code appears to loop through all possible images sizes, but for some reason post thumbnail sizes aren't included. Would be nice if they are.

  2. timola
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Having same problem. the image editor saves thumbnails in admin but they are not being called in the site. images are being squeezed to fit demenions. Clients not happy. ;(

  3. Check your server to see if the files have been created.

  4. timola
    Posted 5 years ago #

    However I just tested wp image editor on a another theme and it worked like a charm: http://timjdesign.com/wp/2010/11/testin ... bnail-bug/

    I have so far found that in wp image editor is creating the thumbnails and they are in the upload folder ie : uploads/2010/11/gitkContact-e1290543313773.jpg, the api # assigned.

    good so far, but the calls for the index listings are being ignored and calling the feature image instead, which then truncates the image to the thumbnail size. No cropping occurring.

    However it does seem to work if you select all. but then you have nothing but thumbnails and no feature image.

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