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  • Hi,

    I uploaded an image I edited from a Word document, and the image shows on my home computer. But the image does not show on my work computer. It only shows a box with a red mark. How can I get it to show? Thanks.

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  • …Also, when I go into properties, it says type “unknown.” Thanks.

    Sounds like the image in a Word document is not a format that a browser or WP can use. Try moving the image to your computer (separate from the Word doc) and make sure the format is .jpg or .png or .gif. Then it should upload and be visible.

    The only reason I edited my text image in Word was because it was the only way I could insert it into my post without it showing a white border/background. When I upload the image from my media gallery, there is a white box/background around the text image I do not know how to get rid of. I tried installing firebug to see what code I may need to change, but it wouldn’t upload. I also installed a plugin “faded borders for images” but that didn’t seem to work either. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Using a true photo editing program (there are cheap or free options, don’t have to spend a lot) will be much better than Word. Hard to say without seeing it what may be causing the border. Sometimes “borders” are caused by margin space around the image or around the containing element, not by a true border. If it’s extra space in the image itself, look at cropping or resizing it.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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