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  • OK I tried to get rid of the “more” tag in one of my posts, right above the second image, to see if that was causing the problem, but that’s NOT the problem. 🙁 Even in one single post (without “more) the second image STILL pops out once you click into the Permalink page.

    Alright, if I write something UNDERNEATH the second image, then that will push the image back into the text box. Does any know how to fix this bug? Thanks..




    for starters, it helps to make sure your pages validate:

    rummaging through a site that isnt valid is a pita for ppl that arent as “intimate” with how you have things set up.

    Additionally, it would be helpful if you described exactly what you mean by “pops out”. Ive looked at that link in ff and ie, and while I see where an image is extending past what looks like <div, it doesnt fit my definition of that phrase.

    As all the images are the same size, they look to be aligned in within the same vertical plane. I would reccommend decreasing all of their sizes (specifically the widths), that might fix whatever problem you appear to be seeing.

    You need to remember that you are using a fixed width theme — tack on some padding and margins, and your left with even less room. That inner div is 487 px wide, your images are 470px wide.

    Hmm I don’t think the size of the images is the issue, because I did measure the size of the width so I made my images 470px to fit perfectly inside the text box – HORIZONTALLY, that is.

    But that still doesn’t explain why the second image ends up outside the textbox (vertically) like that.

    I will try what you suggested, though. Thanks!

    I have a similar problem, which you can see here (in either FF or Safari):

    Strange how it extends beyond the “limits” of the post area; such a condition continues to be why I do not add images to my posts. Rather hum-drum, wouldn’t you say??

    Thanks for any tips!

    Wow, you do have the same problem. Does anyone know how we can fix this? Image “extends” vertically outside the box, or post frame, or text box, or whatever you call it. It’s so bad 🙁





    thats a simple fix, either write more, or make the image smaller. The image is taller than the area in which you have written — the image “pops out” as you say.

    Or put this after your text:

    <br style="clear:both" />

    That should stop the “popping”

    Thanks so very much, LesBessant. Rather than “write more” (say what?!), I figured that there was code to resolve this dilemma – and I never would have figured this out if not for you!!

    And now… onto more writing, with images!

    Hi LesBessant and Mangoman,

    Like this right? Seemed to fix it 🙂

    <div class=”main_post”>

    <?php the_content(__(‘» Read The Rest’)); ?>

    <br style=”clear:both” />


    Check this page on my blog:

    This one was an example of the problem with the second image popping out, but now both are nicely inside the text box.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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