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  • Hi I created a new post, and made to post it to one newly-created category. This category currently contains ONLY this new post. I have added one big JPEG image only as this post (no other text). Now while uploading I got some php warnings but all seemed to go well and the image made into it as a post. Now if I click on the category link the image I have in the post does not appear at all. I would have given my URL where I have this problem but I dont want to make it public so if somebody can PM me I will send the URL so you can see the problem. “The category page does not show images posted in posts”

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    what PM feature would you like us to use?? Im asking you since there isnt one on this forum. Furthermore, wanting someone to “PM” you suggests that you are okay with us working hard than you are, to solve your issue.

    thats not really how support works — people that respond to try to help you shouldnt have to work to do it.

    Provide a link. Please.

    If thats absolutely not doable, than leave an email address.

    Well OK my mail is marun2 at gmail dot com. I did not know there is no PM here. Also I could not think of any other way not to put out my link in public as it may get indexed in search engines revealing my connection to the site…

    I digged into this problem some more and I found that there may be a bug in WP 2.7. An image in a post only appears in the post page and not in the category page. I checked my theme’s archive.php file and found this relevant code part:

    <div class="entry">
    <?php the_content() ?>

    Apparently, the_content() function is not handling the images part of the posts.

    Hi. If you are using my Journalized theme (as you emailed me recently about it) then the categories page (in fact any archives page) only show the excerpt from the page. This explicitly excludes HTML tags including image tags.


    Oops so does that mean an image that is part of the post itself would not be displayed in a category archive page?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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