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  1. forhuntersbyhunters
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    Now this is odd...
    Images on my subdomain WP MU sites all display fine- no issues
    On my Main site (I imported from blogger using the xml conversion tool) - all images display in IE and Chrome in Media library but many will not display on page. Some have featured image without a link that don't display and or other post images that will open up in another window to display but wont show on post page.
    Any hellp with this would really be appreciated- over 700 posts on a 18 month old blog- this is a disaster!
    Here is a link with an example:
    (Click on body photo #2 that won't display- it will open up in a new page in browser)

  2. Your images are listed as http://forhuntersbyhunters.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/stephen%2Bbiello3.jpg and so on.

    1) Go check the images are there

    2) Test uploading ANY image and see if that shows up.

  3. Note the space in the picture filename. ;)

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