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  • Recently, I’ve moved my site, which is for my cartoons, from a free blog to my own WP install on another server. The issue I have is the following, which is pasted from an email I sent to my hosting company’s (dreamhost) tech support):

    To put it short, I am turning out to have a few issues with my cartoons. The visual editor is working terrifically (thanks much!), but I’m still getting a different display of my artwork on my WP install versus my site, On that site (the free blog–I redirected my already-purchased domain), the images, when loaded in the posts, a still retain smooth lines and and terrific scaling (the original images are many times larger). Now, for some reason, my posts on my WP install aren’t scaling well at all; as it turns out, the same happens when I scale them in my graphics program. So…somewhere along the line, it appears as though, for whatever reason, my blog is allowing the scaled-down images to appear quite nicely; however, I could well be missing something. ??????? For comparison’s sake, I’ve put up a test post with the same cartoon as the other site’s latest post; the two urls are as follows (to be redundant from the above): (not good) (good)


    “Oh, tricky. Well, there is a vast difference between the two. No doubt
    about it.

    What the “bad” site is showing the full image, and using html`s height
    and width tags to size it down, this makes the browser perform the task
    of the resize, making for “jaggies”.

    What the “good” site is doing, is running the picture through a “resize”
    on the server side, before sending the picture to the browser, obviously
    the server side resizing is resulting in a MUCH better picture.

    The bad site pulls in this image:
    The good site pulls in this one:

    see how the good site has the size already in place?

    ….now the trick is to somehow use that same feature on your “bad”
    blog….how to do that im not so sure of. You may need to consult the
    official WordPress support forums here:

    How do I attain similar results on my own WP install?


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