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  • I upload clients photos in a password protected gallery.
    File names are in the format image_XXXXX.jpg
    The file name does not appear on the photo when viewing the gallery.
    In the column labeled Alt & Title Text / Description
    The upper box has the file name in it, but in order to get the image on the website to have the file name on it, I have been having to drag the Alt Title & Text into the larger box.
    Is there a way to have the file name appear in the Description so I do not have to do each image one at a time?
    I have some clients with as many as 500 images in their galleries.

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  • I would like this feature too !

    You can bulk change tags but can’t do that for the descriptions =(.

    Please have a look at what meta tags are available for the images (types) and how to populate those with a local image post processor (program) that can fill these fields…from using this plugin, I know if they are filled in both fields will be brought into NextGen…don’t recall which meta tags fill which fields…do some self testing by manually filling in these tags (In Windows, right click file and see properties), upload the file and see what fields were populated with what text (use diff text in each field)…

    Hi John,
    I assume you would like the image filenames to appear as the Captions for your thumbnails when using themplate=caption ?

    For some weird reason NextGEN code uses the Description field as the Caption instead of the Alt&Title field which is backwards to what it should be.

    To have the filename that’s automatically added to each new image in the Alt&Title (ie. ‘upper box”) used as your thumbnail caption you need to edit the NextGEN code.

    If you take a look at NextGEN Caption Fix then you’ll probably only need to edit two words in gallery-caption.php as shown there (i.e. description becomes alttext and caption becomes alttext).


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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