• Love the layout and usability of being able to add single/multiple images to a user profile via the frontend of a site. I also like the fact that you can specify a limit to the size of each image and how many can be uploaded.

    But the image uploader lacks compression/re-sizing of the image to make life easier on the user while making things feasible for the site host.

    Example. I want to have users edit their profiles and add photos via the frontend of my website using their mobile device (like a phone or tablet). However, my file limit size of an image is 1024 KB, which is giving alot for server space, but not ample for most smart phones and mobile devices. Most smart phones and mobile devices take high quality pictures that are well over 1MB. Most users dont know how to go re-size their photos and it would be awesome if WP User Frontend image upload did the resizing/compression of the image to make it easier on the user and on the website host.


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