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  • Hey all – I’m trying desperately to make a page with six small images which, upon mouseover, change to a different image AND have a tooltip pop up. I can get each of those events to happen separately, but for the life of me I cannot get them both to happen at the same time.

    I gave up searching for a simple plugin yesterday (I could only find ones that did one but not the other, and were incompatible with each other) but I’d be perfectly happy to make it happen manually if I could only figure out how.

    This page describes how to do EXACTLY what I need, but while I have no problem with the HTML and CSS part, I’m not sure what to do with the jQuery script. Do I upload the script file somewhere in the WP directory? If so, where, and how should I call it in the header? Or do I copy the entire script into the header? jQuery is not my friend.

    Alternately, if anyone knows of a simpler way to do this that I just haven’t discovered, that would be awesome too. Any help would be very greatly appreciated – I’ve been working on this for hours and hours. Many thanks…

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  • zab



    How did you get the image change to work?? I am trying to do exactly that. Are you using a plug in or have you just coded it? How??

    Thanks! Hope you found a solution on your problem in the meantime..

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