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  • Hi

    When adding images to the Image Carousel and using FULL for the size, it appears TOP is the default justification, however this should be adjustable as bottom or middle would be better.

    Also the ability of adding more than just 1 line of text, 2 would be nice (and title then a sub title with different fonts) with the ability of setting all text at the base adjusted location from the image or the base of the element.

    Many Thanks

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  • Many other page builders have the feature your talking about in the past. It is like being able to crop a picture to just the region you wish to display in the image carousel. Or some describe it as a zoom section. Elementor gets its image sizes from WP core, who does not have the ability to do this as a hook. All the builders that do this do it with a javascript that actually edits the picture and saves that region as a new picture that fits the widgets dimensions. I do not know if this feature will even work in gutenberg due to the limited picture size use structure. This is a needed feature of wp core. The only work around i am aware of is custom id and css with a position=”fixed” and a negative top-margin and a negative z index. Crappy fix i know but… but solutions are hard to come buy unless you custom edit every picture’s size to match WP core’s sizes before upload.

    A good example of this is android phones and being able to slide your circle to capture your image for a contact.


    I was more on about taking the image, resize the width (which it already does) then vertically center it, at the moment if all the images are 200pix high and another is 100px high, the 100px image is top justified, setting a “middle” justify isn’t rocket science, its just not an option.

    The above results in that 100px height image sticking to the top of the slide box….

    In my opinion the error is then in the logic of using a image with the improper size( too Small) for the widget and the logical answer is a qa check on image addition inside the widget to ensure the image size is big enough for the widgets space? WP is awesome at taking a too big an image for a widget and “making it work” but the other way around is not a feature.

    I know it is a pain to have 5 versions of the same image in different sizes manually but do you know the first thing a CDN does? It creates a crapton of copies of the image in different sizes and will serve you just the right size one for the container.

    I have the same exact problem.

    Let’s say you want to create a “featured in” logo carousel.

    One logo is 150×150 px, the other is 750×150, and the second one will be stuck on top when the size is full, or cropped to 150×150 if you select a fixed option.

    I’m wondering what the right solution here is? Happy to crop/resize the images.

    Actually, I alsways see to it, that every image is the same size, before uploading to use it in a carousel or whatever that needs nicely alligned images on the same row.

    You always need to upload the largest size you will need, so images do not get stretched and blurry, but always upload them in the same size, that should take care of this.

    What i am seing here is a confirmed problem with many defending the reason it isnt fixed!

    [with i bet many defending the reason its not fixed after they read this]

    As a justification of the above “speaking the unspoken word”, i understand the proposed resolutions of getting an art package and creating images and uploading 1-15 of the same image to the web server… sooo on the flip side i am SURE you all agree a simple “align” button in the carousel options window is also just as valid and a way easier solution then getting proficient in an external image editing software and likely more “WordPress” type methods of “click” it looks nice.

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    I have to agree with Logo on this one. I just helped my grand daughter repair a slider where the images that were added were very random in size. The ones that were close to the size of the slider looked great while the smaller ones became distorted and blurred if they had to be made larger or change the ratio for the slider. If my slider is set to 900X 300 then that is what I make my images using Photoshop or Gimp. It does take a little more work but if you want the images to look good it’s worth the effort.

    While WP does have a couple basic image editing options, programs like Gimp offer so much more. I have found so many people take pictures in the vertical aspect. When your going to add these to a wide slider, you can’t really stretch them and if you leave them in the narrow aspect, the slider looks choppy. This is where changing a single picture into a collage or maybe adding some text to the side presents so much better. I recently had a florist give me close ups of flowers and also some wedding shots. The wedding images were wide while the flowers were narrow. 4 flower pictures matched the single wedding image. My only point is don’t take the easy way out unless it gives you what you want.

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