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    I upgraded to WordPress 3.4.2 and inserted an image with a caption. The caption was aligned left. I searched forum topics and found a code to put in my style sheet to align the text center, which immediately worked on the single image I had a caption for. However, when I inserted a caption on the next image, the caption won’t appear below the image. When I go back in to edit the image, the caption text I entered is not there.

    I tried editing the first image that had a caption still intact, but as soon as I saved it, the caption disappeared and won’t save again.

    I tried inserting an image on a different page but had the same result – no caption is saved.

    I tried inserting an image with a fresh upload, rather than from my existing uploaded images, but that didn’t help.

    I restored my original style sheet without the edits, but still the same problem.

    I logged out, logged back in – still the same issue!

    And, I tried adding a caption in a different browser, but still no change. It’s as if my install lost the ability to add a caption to an image.

    Any ideas as to why I can no longer add a caption to an image on my pages? Where else can I look for clues as to why this occurred, seemingly after adding code to the style sheet to center the caption.

    Your help is appreciated!

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  • If you post a link to your site,it will be easier for someone to help you.


    I believe that when I first successfully inserted the left-aligned caption on the image, I recall that there was a short-code for the image. There is no longer a short code when I view the html.

    I also noticed that some of my images were wrapped in an h2 tag while others weren’t. I tried adding a caption to an image farther down the page that was not inside the h2 tag and the caption was successfully added.

    Now I have to figure out why some of the images ended up inside the heading tag while others didn’t since I added each the same way.

    Anyway, the captions are working now AND the text is centered below the image. Yay!

    Ive also had this problem with images wrapped in divs (imported html via blogger).

    The only solution I found was to go into html editing and delete the wrapping divs. I had tried automatically tweaking the html on wordpress hooks before in order to sanitize it but this was more trouble than it was worth.

    I also encountered this problem with images placed in a function-generated page markup.

    For example I would create a new page and it would generate a <div class="headerImage"> for me. I would insert a media image without caption inside this div and save. Then I would enter an image caption and save – but the caption would disappear after saving.

    The quick solution was to remove the image, and insert it again with the caption already saved.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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