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    I created our new website in German and started now to translate it to English with TranslatePress. It worked well, until I tried to translate the images. I figured out the issue is with the plugins Elementor and Elementor Pro. It works when only one of the plugins is active but I have to keep them both active as the website doesn´t show right when one of them is deactivated. Is there any solution to get the image translation working while both Elementor plugins are active?

    Also I have a page where I have some call to action elements (created in Elementor Pro) where I want to translate the image but they doesn´t show in the list where I can chose from. I cannot chose the image directly either it just doesn´t seems to exist for TranslatePress. How can I manage to change the image? There are some texts on the images which have to be translated.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Hello!!!

    I have a similar problem, and I expose it here so as not to create another topic.
    I have an E-commerce based on Woocommerce and the truth is that the plugin works perfectly as far as the translation of the text is concerned, but in some images and sites in particular I do not “translate” or change the image to the translated image. I don’t use elementor pro, I only use elementor, and I really don’t know why. For your information, when I created the elements that give me conflict and select the images to display in the translation, it worked for 2 days, but then it has not worked again, it shows me the images in Spanish.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Hello guys,

    Can you please tell me exactly what elements you are using to create those images?
    I tried to replicate this issue, but I wasn’t able to. On my test site I’m able to translate the images without any problems.

    Maybe some pics will help as well. If it’s an element added by an additional Elementor add-on, please let me know and if possible link the add-on as well.

    Are you using the latest version of Elementor and TransaltePress?
    Elementor – Version 3.2.4
    Elementor Pro – Version 3.3.0
    TranslatePress – Version 2.0.3

    Best regards,

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    Hello Cristian,

    I checked the versions of the plugins, they are all the newest version. Elementor is 3.2.5 but it was only updated today from 3.2.4 and still doesn´t work.

    The issue seems to happen with every image possible.

    I have created a header in Elementor pro theme creator with a featured image. The featured image is added in the wordpress creator.

    On the single sites there are mostly normal “image” widgets.

    It doesn´t matter how I add an image, in TranslatePress I choose the image which should be shown in the second language but it only shows the orirginal one in the preview mode.

    I tried out what would happen in a gallery (media slideshow) but the images aren´t even chosable in TranslatePress (same as with call-to-action images).

    Thank you

    Hello Cristian!!!

    I have also cheked the versions of the pluggins and all are the newest:
    Elemetor: 3.2.5
    TranslatePress: 2.0.3
    dont know if maybe another pluging is the problem.
    in the next links yoy can see which is my issue: Spanish version there is only 1 product with a label (novedad 2020). English version and as you can see the picture is the same, translator dont work properly.
    If need it i can send screenshot so you can see i have the “english” picture selected to show in English version.

    Next sample: Spanish version. the first 3 pictures and the head with the picture LIOFILIZADOS (red) English version, as you can see same pictures.

    But in product page translator works properly: Spanish version English version and the pictures are shown in English. Spanish Version. Englissh version. Spanish version. English version Spanish Version English version.

    I wish to help you to find out what the problem can be.

    Thank you in advance.


    Have you tried to translate the product images when you browsed the shop page?
    The images used on the product’s page might be different from the ones used on the category page. See if you can translate those as well. If you can’t find an image, look for it inside the Strings List that’s available under the current language at the top of the translation interface.

    Something else that might cause this issue is the use of the lazy load function.
    On the category page, there is a lazyloaded function that’s added to all images.

    Do you use for some reason the Smush plugin? If so, go to Smush Settings -> Lazy Load tab and Deactivate this feature. We had similar issues in the past that was fixed by disabling that setting.
    Or see if you have installed the Autoptimize plugin. There is an HTML option. If you unable it, the images will be dispalyed properly.

    If not, most likely this issue is caused by a combination of our plugin with an optimization one that affects the images, so a compatibility test can be also tried.

    Best regards,

    Plugin Support Denis


    Since more than 6 days have passed since my colleague answered this ticket, we will close it and if you encounter other problems or have a question regarding TranslatePress, please create another ticket with the problem in question.

    Kind regards,

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