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    First off, let me say thanks for this plugin. It works really well.

    I have two questions:

    • Is it possible to have images bleed over the browser border? For instance, use 5 images in the carousel and the images to the very left and right are cut off and only partially visible?
    • On the plugin page, we can set the number of items to display for different devices (desktop, small desktop, tablet, mobile, etc.). Can we change the resolutions connected to these devices? For instance, change from desktop to small desktop at 1600px instead of 1200px?

    Any pointers or help are much appreciated.

    Thanks 🙂

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  • Hi,
    So I had some time to look into the plugin as well as Owl Carousel 2 (which your plugin is drawing from) and I found the center: true; option. See

    The first example on the site is exactly what I am looking for – showing parts of the next picture to visually indicate that there is more content.

    Any change that you’ll implement this option in future iterations of the plugin? And can you give me a pointer what file I’d need to change in your plugin to enable that option? I did some digging around in the plugin files but couldn’t fin the right file/spot.

    Again, any help or pointers are appreciated 🙂


    Plugin Author Sayful Islam



    Your first option can be implement by modifying source file. In your case you need to add stage padding.

    Though source file should not modify because it will lost on upgrade. But still if you want, find class-carousel-slider-script.php inside includes directory. Open this file on text editor and find method public function inline_script() and add you own script.

    I have a plan to add some more feature from OwlCarousel2 in future release.

    Hope you will fix this. If you need help further, let me know.


    Hey Sayful,

    Worked like a charm 🙂 Thanks for pointing me towards the right file.

    And yeah, if you are adding more features in the future I think this might be a good option to add to the WP backend. And in case you don’t add it, I’ll just keep adding the one line of code everytime the plugin updates. Will be a bit tedious but not too bad.

    In case anyone else wants to include this for their carousel, follow Sayful’s description and simply add stagePadding: 150, right after if (jQuery().owlCarousel) { _this.owlCarousel({ inside the public function inline_script() function.
    You’ll find other options inside this if statement, such as nav, dots, margin, loop, etc. Just add it right there.

    Thanks again Sayful

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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