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  • I’m working with a newsletter plugin (from Tribulant) and a Thematic child theme, but I think this issue would be common for anyone trying to create a newsletter with the WP editor or trying to send a blog post as an email. When I insert an image, and use the image dialog to align it to the left, it assigns the class “alignleft” to the img tag. I can create an email template that has this class defined in a style sheet in the head section of the template. The problem is that many email clients (like gmail) strip out or ignore all but inline styling. The “fix” I’ve seen proposed is to edit the source of the email, and insert “align=left” in the img tag. That works fine, but is not a good solution for non-technical users.

    I’d like to add something to that image dialog like a checkbox that says “this post will be sent via email”, and which would insert the markup necessary to keep the proper image alignment in the email. Before I start down that road, I was wondering if anyone had dealt with this before. I have found lots of info about aligning images in posts, but little about preserving that alignment in emails.

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