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    We can try to add image field in next plugin version but until January we have no time to work on this.

    This post give us the idea of this plugin. Maybe it can help you until we add this feature.

    I found this article, maybe it will be helpfull 馃檪

    Hello there
    Still no image field in new version 馃檨
    hope to see it on next

    Plugin Author Miguel L贸pez


    You’re right, I’m really sorry but I have to work on other things. I promise I will do it! xD

    need to add
    1- any one can upload their resume.
    2- Check Box for terms & condition ( the Terms & Condition should be in selective mod and we can link a page of terms and condition )



    @atallos thanks 馃檪

    Any progress on this? I tried the tutorial mentioned above but ran into trouble getting it to work. I reeeaaaly need this for my site. I hope it will be available soon. If not is there any other way I could achieve this? It doesn’t even have to be through buddypress.

    All I want to do is allow users to upload one image from the front end of the site (not the backend). Then I call this image through php as the feature image for their author archive.

    Any help or update would be greatly appreciated!

    Plugin Author Miguel L贸pez



    Sorry for the delay, in version 1.5 you can create image field so I hope you like this!



    Thanks @atallos
    I want to report a problem.
    I have already added image field in profile section, but there is not “Browse” button for uploading picture.
    Does anyone has similar problem?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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