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    Hi All,

    i’m working on the new version of Media library Categories. I think i’m going publish this version in 1-2 weeks. I don’t know if the creator merganser works again on this plugin, but there a lot of people have problems with this plugin and i think it’s very great plugin that’s why i want help the community.

    In Futures roadmap
    – add multiple column for shortcode
    – fix slugs checked
    – add select input to choose the category for all already loaded media

    ####### Currently in development

    New Features
    – add shortcode popup with icon Tinymce

    – rewrite get_media_categories (thanks to s.holyszewski)

    Bug fix
    – fix alt tags with html safe entities (Thanks to protohominid)
    – fix inefficient column check (thanks to tonykwon)
    – fix the number of files in category
    – fix the bug for limit in shortcode (thanks to Davidlok)
    – fix the bug to ‘Insert into Post’ when you select picture with “show links” for woocommerce category
    – fix the bug to ‘Insert into Post’ when you check picture.
    – apply somes fixes to be more compatibility with media functions
    – solve bug with ACF plugins when you use with repeater field image or field image (fix bug display 2 checkbox)

    If you are interesting, please let me know what you want as features.

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  • Plugin Author creativexperience


    == Changelog ==
    = 1.2.0 Beta =
    * Bugfix: alt tags with html safe entities (Thanks to protohominid)
    * Bugfix: inefficient column check (thanks to tonykwon)
    * Bugfix: the number of files in category
    * Bugfix: limit in shortcode (thanks to Davidlok)
    * Bugfix: “Insert into Post” when you check picture.
    * Bugfix: “Insert into Post” when you select picture with “show links” for woocommerce category
    * Bugfix: Sort order categories and items in category
    * Bugfix: display category names with specials caracters
    * Tweaks: replace in somes parts “print” by “echo” and “double quotes” by “simple quote”
    * Tweaks: rewrite get_media_categories (thanks to s.holyszewski)
    * NEW : Add shortcode button in TinyMCE (Select multiple category, size, colwidth, limit.
    * NEW : Add set columns in shortcode and categories view (equalheight for columns, for categories view the set is 3 columns)
    * NEW : Add support for Woocommerce / ACF plugins

    Please test and tell me if you meet somes bugs.

    Link to download : Media Library Categories 1.2.0 Beta

    Great work! Some much needed features. Will report any bugs if I notice them!

    Getting this error:

    A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, open the script in the debugger, or let the script continue.

    Script “”

    Plugin Author creativexperience


    ok, i’m going fix this bug in the next release

    If you have any questions regarding my set-up to isolate the error, let me know. I have email notifications on for this post so just reply here.

    Super excited for the next release as this will do exactly what we need once its working. Cheers.

    Just wanted to say I’m pretty excited to see where this goes — trying to use it in conjunction with Advanced Custom Fields is causing some issues (as you mentioned in your upcoming feature list — fixing the formatting bug and also when selecting on a repeater field — it is not recognizing the selected items).

    What would be especially useful is to create a hook to pre-select categories based on things like post type (for example — if using ACF, when uploading an image, they would default to a specific category based on a post type instead of having the user manually edit the image and select it).


    One more feature request — a filter on the Media Library tab in the modal pop-up box by Media Category would be fantastic!

    Plugin Author creativexperience


    good idea, i don’t know if i will manage to include this request but i will try 🙂

    Hey, you did a pretty nice job with this. The incompatibility with ACF image fields was giving me a lot of trouble, but now it’s great.

    Anyway, I also have a feature request: try to make it possible to have media categories with the same name, but at different levels in the hierarchy.
    Something like:
    Category 1
    Category 2

    Right now you can add the media categories like that, but when you want to add images to them, they always get added to the first category, even if you choose the second one.

    I think it might be because of the way the function wp_set_object_terms is used. I noticed that the $terms parameter that is sent is an array with the names of the categories, instead of their IDs or slugs.

    Keep up the good work.


    Yeah, so that problem is definitely because of how wp_set_object_terms is used. I’ve made changes on my local version of the plugin and I changed 3 lines of code for this:

    the original lines:
    435: array_push($terms, $term->name);
    638: array_push($terms, $bulkterm->name);
    643: array_push($terms, $ct->name);

    I changed them to:
    435: array_push($terms, intval($term->term_id));
    638: array_push($terms, intval($bulkterm->term_id));
    643: array_push($terms, intval($ct->term_id));

    It works now

    Plugin Author creativexperience


    good, i integrate this in my next updates.

    Actually i’m working on these news features :
    – fix columnizer.js bug with column
    – full translation _e(”);
    – better intregation with WordPress interface
    – fix lightbox bug
    – add dropdown to put in same category when pictures has bien uploaded
    – better integration with last ACF version
    – better intregation with media library

    There’s one more problem I’ve noticed: I have some other taxonomies in my website, and I created a media category library with the same name as one of the terms from another taxonomy, and what I noticed is that it doesn’t create a new one, but it just uses the same term from the other taxonomy. So if at one point I want to change its name, it will change in my other taxonomy as well.
    Thanks for doing this 🙂

    Thanks for doing this, great additions and bug fixes!

    One problem exists after installing the 1.2.0b version: when browsing through the images to be used as highlighted image it seems the thumbnails in the main list are not shown (in the list with the ‘Show’ links on the right column).

    I get some JS errors, which could maybe cause this problem:

    document.getElementById("wpbody-content") is null
    [Afbreken op deze fout] 	
    ...etElementById('wpbody-content').insertBefore(xdiv, document.getElementById('scre...
    media-...gory=25 (regel 102)
    jQuery("#media-items").sortable is not a function
    [Afbreken op deze fout] 	
    stop: function(event, ui) {
    media-...gory=25 (regel 317)
    document.getElementById("wpbody-content") is null
    [Afbreken op deze fout] 	
    ...etElementById('wpbody-content').insertBefore(xdiv, document.getElementById('scre...
    media-...gory=25 (regel 102

    Few things:

    – When using UI to insert a galler do the columns actually work? Whatever I specify this value is ignored.

    – I’m pretty new to WordPress, but are you able to read any custom image sises into the drop-down thumbnail sector box?

    – The script inserted before the gallery is breaking my menus i.e. this code stops my menus working. If I remove it (does nothing for me anyway – presuming related to broken column functionaliuty) my menus work again:

    $(".6_mcol").columnize({columns: 0, width: 0});
    // $(".6_mcol").makeacolumnlists({cols: 0, colWidth: 0, equalHeight: false, startN: 1});
    $(".6_mcol li").equalHeightColumns({children : false});


    I think there is also a bug with application of Rel. For my test gallery it’s defaulting to value 1 for first image, then no value for remaining values. It also seems to be ignoring any rel parameter I add to shortcode.

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