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  • The easiest solution would be to move all of the contents of the wordpress folder into the public html folder. Other than that, depending on your level of access to the server you can edit the virtualhost file to point to that directory, or create an .htaccess file to rewrite the url. If you are using a shared host though, this may not be possible.

    Hi Cynnie,

    Thank you for your quick response.

    I would like to know where is this folder (public.html) located?

    Also I do have access to .htaccess but I want to do it as easy as possible.

    So would prefer the former solution.

    Thanks once again and seeking ur valued consultation once again.


    Well it may be called something else, but what I’m trying to say it remove the wordpress folder completely and put all of the contents in the parent directory (whatever folder houses the wordpress folder).

    Hi Cynnie,

    Thanks once again..

    By doing the above act now my site disappears…though my domain is still running @

    Please help me out…with this…


    You will have to run a search and replace on the database to remove the wordpress directory from any references. Or reinstall the database if there is no data yet.

    I really know what the situation with your host is though, and you may have to remove any conflicting index documents out of the directory.

    Thanks again…Cynnie

    To be precise, once I reinstall everytime I get URL

    Tell me my next course of action.

    I know I’m bit frustating 2 u.

    Thank You for your patience.

    On second thought a simple .htaccess rewrite might be an easier solution.

    It might be easier to understand if you link the site, or tell me more about the problem and if your using a shared-host or virtual server / cloud server.

    Hi Cynnie,
    Thank You to be so courteous.

    Below r my credentials 4 freehostia

    Credentials 4 wordpress


    My URL should be but it takes by default

    It would be great if u can help me 2 make my site live.

    Thanks in ton.

    Whoa dude delete that stuff, this is a public forum lol.

    Thanks 4 being so caring….

    I have edited the above stuff.

    Doing a fresh install, one minute.


    Can’t express my gratitude in words.

    Thanks in ton…

    Please be in touch.



    I thought it is resolved but I’m unable to log-in to my admin panel…

    sorry for being so demanding.

    Thanks again for your effort.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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