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    I’m the webmaster for two fanfiction sites ( and The way these sites work is each “title” is written by one author at a time, but some authors will leave titles and new authors will take them up.

    But up until now, I’ve been manually adding new “issues” on behalf of authors, though that has resulted in slower updates. I want to set up a site where authors can add issues on their own.

    Here are the settings I’ve tried:

    Taxonomy: Titles (our term for Books)
    Access: Checked (as we still want approval before writers begin new titles)
    Exclusive: Unchecked (as we want the ability for other authors to take over titles)
    Serial: Unchecked
    Required: Checked
    Limit to: 1

    Taxonomy: Issues (our term for Chapters)
    Access: Unchecked
    Exclusive: Unchecked
    Serial: Checked
    Required: Checked
    Limit to: 1

    I’ve been trying to test this, but when I do a test, the following problems have occurred:

    -When I try to view a title taxonomy on the site, I get “Nothing Found.”
    -I can’t click the Issues drop-down.

    I saw the instructions to make books (titles in our taxonomy) exclusive to an author, so I checked that. Now that DID allow me to click the Issues drop-down, but then other problems occurred:

    -When I go to and click the drop-down for Title, it says nothing found.
    -When I try to view a title taxonomy on the site, I get “Nothing Found.”

    Here is the subdomain I’ve set up to try and test the site and see if it will serve our needs: So far though, I’m pretty disappointed with the inability to really make this plugin work. And if I have to make titles exclusive to an author, is there a way to change which author holds the exclusive right to that taxonomy?

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    I don’t think this is going to suit your needs because the title is assigned to the author who created it in the database. To change that, you’d need to edit the database.

    Have a look at
    Leaving Access: Unchecked for Exclusive (Book)
    EXCLUSIVE: Terms are exclusive to authors who create them first. If Author #1 creates “In the Heat of the Night,” no other author can use that term. See the WordPress Codex for more on Taxonomy and Terms.
    Leaving it unchecked does not make it accessible to multiple authors. There is no functionality for community fanfic/writing. Instead, it allows multiple authors to use the same title.

    I hope that explains the issue. I’m going to stop there. I’m sorry that the plugin does not offer the functionality you’re looking for. Best of luck to you. Your DC Omega site is great looking!

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