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  • Installed it over a week ago, if anything I’m getting more spam now than I used to! Maybe there’s something wrong with my settings but I can’t imagine what it would be, I’ve been through them all.

    I’m using Free Protection.

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    Really, and you created an account just to share your experience with us?
    Spam is even worse… wow!!! poor thing!!! best to uninstall it.
    Maybe 1 star would be to obvious 😀

    wtf is your problem??? Are you insane? I’m not a spammer you arsehole! I created the account precisely to post this here, yes, what’s wrong with that dickhead???

    Plugin Author TechGasp



    And yes, I will review again and give it no stars because you are a wanker.

    Instead of trying to figure out why your software doesn’t work you try and makeout I’m a spammer. Worse customer service ever.

    clueless idiot. I bet your free version actually brings more spam in to force people to buy it. Weird because I have it installed on another blog of mine and it works fine in there. But don’t worry, it’s not like you give a shit hey?

    You are probably one of those coders who sits in a room all day and has absolutely no people skills whatsoever. How can you be so dimissive about someone coming to you with a real issue?

    I’m a programmer too by the way, when people come to me with bugs I try and fix them, not accuse them of being spammers.

    I gave two stars because I was hoping the customer service might be useful and that perhaps I had a setting that I could fix, arsehole.

    I will uninstall plugins, from both my sites dont’t worry. And I will review again, this time with a more deserving rating and an honest appraisal. Have a day you deserve to have.

    So here’s the final review, after such wonderful reception from whoever wrote this software:

    I have two wordpress sites. I installed Spam Master on both of them. On one of the sites I got very little spam. On the other one I was getting so much I ended up disabling comments. I was getting even more spam after I installed spam master, not less.

    So I followed the link to the support forum and as I can only comment if I register, so I did that. I registered here and posted my review, at the top. The reply I got was so bad, I basically felt like a criminal. I was basically accused of… I’m actually not sure what I was accused of come to think of it, but I was made to feel like I was lying.

    So I’m uninstalling it and will disable comments on both sites. I was really quite shocked at the response I got, I really wasn’t expecting that. What a terrible response!!!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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