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  • techwench


    It’s me, priss…but shhhhhh! I’m incognito! 😉

    Anyway, new site up: and I need some input…especially if you run into any technical SNAFUs…


    And again, shhhhh! 😛

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  • hooopla


    OK, now I get it. 😉

    I like your new site quite a bit. For some reason, it reminds of the animated titles to a 70’s James Bond movie. The post headers and sidebars are great. My only criticism would be your choice of colours. I find it a bit monochromatic and dark.

    I’m viewing it with Firefox on Windows.



    i love the layout, it’s pretty refreshing and not like a typical blog design – I do agree it’s slightly over monochromatic, but still, it’s brilliant



    Thanks. I agree, it’s a tad monochromatic. But I’m also thinking the monochrome is kind of a nice change. At least for now… 😉



    Okay…I added *some* (read: one) color… 😉

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