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[resolved] I'm really struggling to get Form Lightbox to work on just one of my pages (2 posts)

  1. PaulCutcliffe
    Posted 2 years ago #


    I'm using Form Lightbox to implement pop-up content on a WordPress site. I'm combining this with the Types and Views plugins, and the site has a number of custom post types and views using these.

    The site has three very similar sections, where a View is used to display a list of custom post types in a particular format, then when links to these custom posts are clicked, I need the content from the post to be displayed in a Lightbox dialogue.

    This all works swimmingly in two of the three sections, and I've struggled for days and days to get almost the same code working on the third page, but all I get is an empty Lightbox pop-up. Looking at the source code for the page, I can see that the [formlightbox_obj] section is completely empty!

    Would it be at all possible to get some assistance on this? I've literally been going around in circles for days and just can't seem to see what's wrong on this particular page.


    Paul Cutcliffe
    Spice Web Design


  2. PaulCutcliffe
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Don't worry - I've sorted it now. :-)

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