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  • I’m ready for everyone’s opinion about my little tech blog that I’ve been playing with for a couple month’s. Please be aware that I know that my site doesn’t validate this is because of the Digg plugin that I use and the author is working on the problem right now.

    I’ve tested under firefox and ie6, I’m especially interested in opera users and IE7 users if there are any errors.



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  • The header is offset to the left of the content/body with the sidebar pushed to below the content in IE6.

    @jwurster If you don’t mind me asking what screen resolution are you using.

    I’ve tested three different version of IE6 and still haven’t seen that error. I wonder if anyone else can correlate.

    I checked with firefox and IE 6 and IE 7 and it looks the same in all of them.




    My opinion, take it with a grain of salt:

    The feedburner image is way too large, it overpowers that whole top of the fold.

    The snap image things are irritating, they make it hard to read since they pop up all the time. Yes, I know I have to hover a link — but since your link colors don’t make for noticable links it’s a simple ‘mistake’ to accidentally hover over one.

    The green/orange images: there are too many of them, and they’re ugly and large. Similar to the image I mentioned above, they overpower the content of the posts they are in.

    The images inside your posts need some styling. For example, that power supply image — that ought to be styled so that text wraps around it. Your images are (visually) hanging, or dangling off the bottom of your posts.

    You also need to style your search button. It looks naked.

    The posts, they seem.. squished? Maybe it’s due to the fact that I feel like all the digg/delicious stuff is in the way? It looks almost like you don’t want anyone to read .. you just want them to click one of those damn images 🙂

    After reading your suggestions and going back and looking over my blog again I see you point about everything so I’ve removed the green/orange images > replaced with a simple text stating what the tags are. I was starting to wonder about the snap thing myself, I’ve taken it out. I’ve styled my search form to match better. I’ve also condensed the digg button down. I have to say that overall your suggestions were very valid and I appreciate the help.




    I like it Much better too 🙂

    Thank YOU for not taking my suggestions personally 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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