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    I was messing around today with the comments.php and the comments-legacy.php and you know the rest… things are a bit messed up and 4 hours later, I have no clue.

    Heres the deal, on my homepage: the sidebar on the right is working perfectly, and in its usual place

    but when you go to any post(which you can click on) you will see the sidebar is now in the wrong place and below the post and comments. How come its there, and not on the top right like on the homepage. And how the heck do I get it on the top right for all posts? This has totally stumped me.

    thanks in advance, I am hoping this is a no brainer for someone who is much smarter than me.

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  • You have alot of P tags and DIV:s that you have not closed, hence the broken layout.

    Hey Guys, thanks so much for your feedback,
    Hey JesperA, what do you suggest I do. do I just need to throw in a few </div> tags and </p>?
    would that maybe rectify the situation?

    I threw in a closed</div> at the bottom below the centercol tag, and it seemed to somehow get the sidebar back up to the top right(which was the goal) but I think I just got lucky throwing it in there.
    If yu have any ideas on how many closed div or closed p tags i need, please let me know,
    thx mucho!

    If by “throw in” you mean carefully go through the code and work out where to correctly place them, then sure.

    You currently have over 150 errors….

    hey Obscure,
    thanks so much for the info. I had no idea the website you referenced above existed. its a bit too complicated for me, but I will talk to some programmer friends to see if they can help me rectify all the 157 issues listed.
    THanks again, really appreciate it!

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