• davidstevensdesigns


    I guess if your site is only 5-10 pages, you probably don’t need a plugin like this. But as your site continues to grow, and suddenly you find yourself at 40 pages, it used to drive me crazy scrolling down the list of pages in search of the one to edit. I tried using a “re-ordering” plugin, which at least allowed me to put the pages in the order I wanted. But it still wasn’t perfect. On our real estate site, there were buyers pages, sellers pages, main pages (home, contact, etc.) and News pages. It seemed I was still scrolling forever as I searched for the page I wanted to make changes to. Then one night, on a whim, I searched for a plugin that might help, and ran across “Folders”. OMG! How I ever designed wordpress sites without this incredible plugin is beyond me!! I now have all my pages categorized according to topic, so if I want to just see my “Sellers” pages, I click on the sellers folder, and ta-dahhhh!!! Only the sellers pages are there (I can still rearrange their order using my other plugin). But being to find the pages I want just by clicking on their category is SUCH a convenient time saver! It also comes with a media organizer that does the same kind of logical organizatio9n for your media files. Categorize them however you want! Makes finding the right image so much easier that when they’re just scattered about. The ONLY complaint I have (and this is wonderfully petty….LOL) is the color they use for the “Folders” plugin is this disgusting pinkinsh red. As a graphic and web designer, I’ve never in my life used that color…nor will I !! However, that’s entirely insignificant given the tremendous boost in productivity you’ll gain from this plugin. DEFINITELY A MUST-HAVE PLUGIN!!!

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