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  • Contact Form 7 no longer supports redirects after submitting a form so i decided to look for something new and found this plugin.

    I like it’s drag and drop form builder, although if you need to do any more than that, like change any of the settings it’s not a very clear and easy to understand process, for example, i didn’t want to send the form to the site admin, but to a different email address, so i entered my own email to test, and got nothing, it’s been 15 minutes already.
    Do i need to add it in brackets <> or something else ? i went to the Ninja forms website, read all sorts of FAQ, documentation, quick start guides, codex, even watched a video, nothing helpful anywhere.

    By changing the name/title of the form it seems to have duplicated it and i cannot delete the old one, because the code is f-ed up in the dialog box that appears after hitting delete, there should be a Delete and Cancel button, but all i get is a Delete and Cancel text, left aligned, the hand icon does not appear when hovering over them, to indicate a link, but when i click on it the dialog box disappears, the form is highlighted in red and that’s it, if i refresh the page, the form is still there.

    I turned off Email confirmation but after submitting the form it still shows a message saying a confirmation email was sent, there is also a space missing from the end of that sentence so it melts together with your email. I realize you can edit or delete that in a different field, but it shouldn’t be in a different field.

    I added a recaptcha field, which did not work, obviously because i didn’t add the API keys, but i got no message about that, nor where i should add it (unlike CF7)

    Also i was given the impression before installing that i could finally have fields in multiple columns, but no, that a minimum $50 upgrade and so is the File Upload feature, which is free in CF7.

    All in all it looks like the developers focused so much on the money making add-ons that the plugin itself is quite useless, broken and not as easy to use and understand as it could be, which is probably why it has less active installs than CF7.

    Oh and almost forgot to mention, the plugin is also quite slow, like when hitting done after editing a fields settings or when submitting a form.

    EDIT: i finally got my test email, i’ve never seen it take this long, must have taken an hour, don’t know if it has anything to do with the plugin, probably doesn’t.

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