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  • Where is the administrative panel located? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. My website doesn’t even show up when I click on the link. It displays a fatal error message.

    I am using GoDaddy to host my site and I think I might have screwed things up.

    Can I only log in from the home page of my website?

    Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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  • whooami




    The error you see there is caused by you editing the index.php that is sitting in the same directory as your wp-config.php

    That File does not get edited.

    You need to stop trying to do things when you dont know what you are doing, and do some reading — thats what the link at the top of the page that says Docs is for.

    Thats called Documentation.

    To fix the immediate error you see you need there, to delete the index.php that you have edited, and upload a fresh copy of the one out of the wordpress zip.

    There will be atleast 3 of them inside the zip — you want the one that is inside the same folder as the wp-config.php-sample.

    And please, if you are unwilling to familiarize yourself with the basic workings of WP — hire someone that is, its much simpler in the long run.

    ok, I’ll try that. I wish this stuff was easy for noobs like myself. I’m not very technical and I am just learning with building a weblog and coding.

    thank you

    Not everyone is meant to do everything. You don’t see me trying to remove my next-door neighbor’s spleen, do you? (Hint: It’s because I’m not a doctor, in general, or a surgeon in particular.)

    And if you are just learning, then do as Whoo said: READ. Start with the link above. And don’t try to redesign your site right off the bat. Just blog a little; live with WordPress for awhile. Get familiar with it. THEN worry about tweaking it.

    Content is king anyway, so you really should focus on that if you want a well trafficked blog.

    @whoo. Yeah, I couldn’t stay away 24 hours. Bite me. 😛




    :)) I saw you earlier :)) (didnt say a peep)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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