• I am trying to start a Word Press blog.
    I downloaded the 3.0.4 version to my computer.
    I’m not sure what to do next.
    Please help. 🙂

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  • It needs to be installed in a server environment. WordPress is not a desktop application.

    New To WordPress – Where to Start

    How do I install it in a server environment?
    Excuse my ignorance. 😉

    You should take some time to read over the information found in the Doc’s I recommended.

    WordPress is a web application that assumes, on average, that one will be acquiring a domain name and a hosting service for their web presence.

    If you are intending to install the required applications to turn your home pc or laptop into a server just for personal use, or to experiment in a development environment and are not familiar with what that involves, it can be an… adventure. That being said, there are lots of pre-packaged “server” environments intended for development/personal use. Some related reading for you. 🙂

    Installing WordPress

    Installing WordPress on your own Computer

    I almost forgot! If you would like to try your hand at WordPress, but don’t think setting up a home server or purchasing a hosting plan is for you right now, wordpress.com offers free hosting for your wordpress blog. There are some differences, but it’s worth checking out while you are gathering information.

    I purchased a domain name through GoDaddy.
    Do I also need to use Blue Host?

    You can use any host that you feel comfortable with, as long as they meet the requirements for hosting WordPress. I very highly recommend that you inquire about using a Linux host, rather than a Windows package, if at all if possible. The benefits of doing so will reveal themselves several times, in a most agreeable way, once you get some WordPress experience under your belt.

    Hosting WordPress

    Take note of the up-coming requirements for php in the future releases. ( this spring ) It would be wise to pursue a host that can fulfill the recommended requirements listed on that page. There is also a link to some WordPress recommended hosts on the bottom of that page. You may also do well to search the forums using the names of hosting services just to see what others are saying about them, before making a decision.

    I wish you were here to get me up and running. lol 😉
    so I just installed Word Press, and now I’m trying to figure out what to do next. Wish I was more tech-savvy.
    ..so, I don’t need to use Blue Host, since I’ve already purchased a domain name through GoDaddy?
    ..off to your ‘Hosting WordPress’ link.
    Thank you every so much for your help!!! 🙂

    You’re very welcome. The WordPress Codex is a valuable source of information and ideas. You just need a few free minutes and a big cup of coffee to tackle it!

    Good luck to you! 🙂

    well, actually..
    it really didn’t make much sense to me, unfortunately.
    i am so frustrated with my ignorance. errr!
    ..since I have GoDaddy, I don’t need Blue Host, right?

    Now that I have installed Word Press to my computer,
    What is the next step?
    Stupid question, but where is it? lol

    I just talked to a guy at GoDaddy,
    and realized I need a hosting service.
    Now, I’m trying to figure out whether
    to use GoDaddy or Blue Host… 🙂

    Alisia, you will have to host your domain somewhere and install wordpress on it. There are lots of hosting providers who provides single click wordpress installation. You can go with any hosting provider like GoDaddy or BlueHost or 5hoster and host your domain with them. Make sure that you purchase linux hosting provider as WordPress runs very smoothly on Linux servers.

    If you face any problems while installation, you can contact your hosting provider’s support to get further details.

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