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  • I’m looking to use WP to handle and display various articles on my site. As my site stands now, WP would take the place of three pages. One page displays links to the five most recent articles; it does *not* show the text of the articles itself. The second page displays an list of the archived articles (all the articles *not* on the first page I mentioned). And the third page would the page(s) used to display the actual articles themselves once a users clicks on the corresponding link from the “recent” or “archive” page.

    So here’s what I would like to do and I’m hoping that someone might have some ideas as to how I might do this, what plugins I can use, or if I should be looking at a different app.

    1) Whenever I add a new article, the “most recent” page is updated with a link to that article. Also the article that was previously the last on the “most recent” list will be automatically bumped to the archive page.
    2) For the archive page, I would like the list to be sortable, such as by title, date, topic, that sort of thing.
    2) Also for the archive page, I would like to be able to have the list span multiple pages. For instance once there are 20 articles listed, once a 21st is added the list will span two pages.
    3) And finally, I’d like to make the actual article page itself span multiple pages in the event I get carried away and write a lot. I hate reading single page posts that scroll down for days and days and days.

    My website already does what I want… in a manual sort of way. In otherwords anytime I make changes to the lists I have to update the HTML, or if I want an article to be multiple pages I have to create multiple HTML pages for it; *way* to much over head for my tastes.

    Thanks everyone!

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  • You don’t have to customize any kind of “functionality” (I don’t like big words…). You just have to install WP and play with until you learn it can do everything you listed above – with relatively minimal theme tweaking.

    Well that’s certainly reassuring. Do you have any advise as to where I might look to find out what needs to be tweaked? In the mean time I suppose I’ll see what I can figure out through the tried and true, “What’s this button do?” not to mention scrouring through the forums.

    For general knowledge: – the online manual

    For specific questions (if you can’t figure it out by yourself) – search the forums here and if nothing found, post a(=1) question 🙂

    Edit. As for advice where to look for tweaking… Unless I completely understand the setup (organizing principle) of the content/site – I don’t give advices.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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